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Question 1: This was the result of a Griffith Jones's system of circulating schools, which aimed to enable everyone to read the ________ in Welsh.
Biblical canonNevi'imChristianity and JudaismBible

Question 2: Similarly, at least half the population of 18th century New England was literate, perhaps as a consequence of the Puritan belief in the importance of ________ reading.
Christianity and JudaismBibleNevi'imBiblical canon

Question 3: Some of the pre-modern societies with generally high literacy rates included classical Athens and the Islamic ________.
Islamic ethicsMuslim historyShariaCaliphate

Question 4: ________ instruction, for example, focuses on reading at the level of the word.
PhonicsEnglish languageGeneral AmericanAmerican English

Question 5: Syllabic writing systems (such as Japanese ________) use a symbol to represent a single syllable, and logographic writing systems (such as Chinese) use a symbol to represent a morpheme.

Question 6: Many policy analysts consider literacy rates as a crucial measure to enhance a region's ________.
EconomicsEconomyHuman capitalLaw and economics

Question 7: [11] Some scholars propose the idea multiliteracies which includes Functional Literacy, ________, and [Rhetorical Literacy].
Dick and JaneAdolescent literacyTechnacyCritical literacy

Question 8: From this same perspective, readers of ________ must understand the alphabetic principle in order to master basic reading skills.
Greek alphabetAlphabetArabic alphabetLatin alphabet

Question 9: These skill sets include: phonological awareness, decoding, fluency, comprehension, and ________.
Defining vocabularyWordBilingual dictionaryVocabulary

Question 10: Policy makers also argue that literacy increases job opportunities and access to ________.
UniversityAcademic degreeCollegeHigher education


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