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Question 1: A segmental script has graphemes which represent the ________ (basic unit of sound) of a language.
PhonemeInternational Phonetic AlphabetEnglish orthographyPhonology

Question 2: ________ are frequently found as parts of sign languages.
Greek alphabetFingerspellingTactile signingLatin alphabet

Question 3: In others, such as the ________, there is little hope of progress unless further texts are found.
Mycenaean GreeceMinoan civilizationPhaistos DiscGreece

Question 4: Iranian manual alphabet (an abjad; also used in ________)

Question 5: Icelandic manual alphabet (also used in ________)

Question 6: ________ (Irish pronunciation: [oːm]) – Gaelic, Britannic, Pictish
HangulRunic alphabetOghamGlagolitic alphabet

Question 7: International manual alphabet (used in Germany, ________, Norway, Finland)
Czech RepublicPolandHungaryAustria

Question 8: Hebrew Square Script – Hebrew, ________, and other Jewish languages
Yiddish dialectsYiddish languageGerman languageJudaeo-Spanish

Question 9: Canadian Aboriginal syllabics – Cree syllabics (for Cree), Inuktitut syllabics (for Inuktitut), and other variants for Ojibwe, Carrier, ________, and other languages of Canada
First NationsKainai NationBlackfeetBlackfoot

Question 10: Languages using a non-Latin writing system are generally also equipped with ________ for transliteration or secondary use.
BopomofoChinese languagePinyinRomanization

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