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List of radio stations in Greece: Quiz


Question 1: Most radio stations in Athens broadcast from Mount Ymittos, to the east of the city (but west of the ________ in Spata.
Rhodes International Airport, "Diagoras"Heraklion International Airport, "Nikos Kazantzakis"Thessaloniki International Airport, "Macedonia"Athens International Airport

Question 2: Most stations broadcast in stereo and several employ the ________ (RDS) technology.
AM stereoFM broadcastingRadio Data SystemHD Radio

Question 3: There numerous radio pirates transmit experimentally without regular schedule, or programme, mostly Greek popular music along with ________ QSO.
Amateur radioContinuous waveMorse codeQ code

Question 4: The most notable unlicenced radio station in Thessaloniki is the [1431AM] - a "free radio" station broadcasting regularly from the ________ campus in the centre of the city.
Katholieke Universiteit LeuvenQueen's University BelfastUniversité catholique de LouvainAristotle University of Thessaloniki

Question 5: Greece has well over 1,000 radio stations, most of them on the FM band, the ________ being almost entirely abandoned by everyone but the State-run media and a few notable exceptions.
ShortwaveLongwaveMedium waveFM broadcasting

Question 6: Most stations broadcast in stereo, but a small (but slowly growing) number use the ________.
HD RadioFM broadcastingAM stereoRadio Data System

Question 7: In March, 2001, the Greek government shut down approximately 60 of the 90+ FM radio stations in the ________ area, citing interference to frequencies to be used by the new Athens International Airport.

Question 8: Here is a list of some major FM stations in ________.:


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