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List of pre-Columbian cultures: Quiz


Question 1: This list of pre-Columbian civilizations includes those civilizations and cultures of the Americas which flourished prior to the ________.
European colonization of the AmericasMesoamerican chronologyPopulation history of American indigenous peoplesIndigenous peoples of the Americas

Question 2: ________, 800 AD - 1500 AD, Amazonas Region in Peru
Pre-Columbian eraChachapoyas cultureInca EmpirePre-Columbian art

Question 3: ________ – for coverage on present-day indigenous societies.
Pre-Columbian eraClassification of indigenous peoples of the AmericasIndigenous peoples of the AmericasModels of migration to the New World

Question 4: ________, 100 AD - 1600 AD, Cesar, Magdalena and La Guajira Departments of Colombia
Pre-Columbian eraMocheTaironaMesoamerican chronology

Question 5: ________, 0 AD - 800 AD, southern coast of Peru
Nazca cultureChimú culturePre-Columbian eraNorte Chico civilization

Question 6: ________, 100 AD - 800 AD, northern Peru
Inca EmpireMochePre-Columbian eraNorte Chico civilization

Question 7: These pre-Columbian civilizations established characteristics such as permanent or urban settlements, ________, and complex societal hierarchies.
AgricultureIntensive farmingSustainable agricultureOrganic farming

Question 8: late 15th - early ________), and are known only through archaeological investigations.
18th century17th century11th century16th century

Question 9: ________ or Caral-Supe, 3000 BC - 1700 BC, north-central coastal Peru
MocheNorte Chico civilizationInca EmpirePre-Columbian era

Question 10: ________, 300 BC - 1000 AD, western Bolivia
TiwanakuTeotihuacanInca EmpireWari culture


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