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Question 1: The Council of the ________ upheld the Bahá'í's claim to the house, but it has not yet been returned to the Bahá'í community.
League of NationsUnited Nations Trusteeship CouncilParis Peace Conference, 1919United Nations Day

Question 2: Kadhimiya (north of Baghdad) is regarded as a holy city in ________.
Islamic schools and branchesIslamophobiaIslamic theologyShia Islam

Question 3: [1] During the 1920s the house was confiscated by ________ authorities, who were hostile to the Bahá'í Faith.
Islamic schools and branchesIslamic theologyShia IslamIslamophobia

Question 4: Musa al-Kazim and his grandson, the ninth Shia Imam, Muhammad at-Taqi are both buried there, and their tombs are contained in the ________.
TwelverThe Fourteen InfalliblesImamah (Shi'a Twelver doctrine)Al-Kadhimiya Mosque

Question 5: ________ (ܕܩܠܬ ܢܗܪܐ) (نهر دجلة)

Question 6: ________ is reputed to be the city where Husayn, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, was martyred (his body but not head is buried there, and is known as Mashhad Husayn).
Shia IslamImam Husayn ShrineKarbalaNajaf

Question 7: ________ – The House of Bahá'u'lláh in Baghdad, is a place of Bahá'í pilgrimage.

Question 8: ________ (ܦܪܬ ܢܗܪܐ) (نهر الفرات)
EuphratesAkkadian EmpireSumerIraq

Question 9: Karbala is also the site of two important Shiite mosques, ________ and Imam Hussain Mosque.
AliShia IslamAl-Abbas ibn AliAli al-Asghar ibn Husayn

Question 10: Samarra is the site of Shiite ________.
Imam Husayn ShrineAl-Kadhimiya MosqueAbu Hanifa MosqueAl-Askari Mosque


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