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List of people and animals from Thomas and Friends: Quiz


Question 1: In ________ by the Rev. W. Awdry the character of The Vicar appears in the book Edward the Blue Engine and is based on the Awdry's friend and fellow railway enthusiast, the Rev.
Sodor (fictional island)Mid Sodor RailwayThe Railway SeriesRailway engines (Thomas and Friends)

Question 2: Nancy is a guard's daughter featured in ________ and in the Thomas and Friends TV Series.
The Railway SeriesMid Sodor RailwaySodor (fictional island)Railway engines (Thomas and Friends)

Question 3: When an engine misbehaves, as they often do on his ________, he is willing to allow them a second chance if they are truly sorry.
TransportTrainTrain stationRail transport

Question 4: The Duke and Duchess of Boxford visited the ________ once, and brought their private engine Spencer, who boasted to Gordon but then ran out of water on Gordon's Hill.
The Railway SeriesNorth Western Railway (fictional)Henry the Green EngineSodor (fictional island)

Question 5: They have had many surprises on Sodor, an example of a time when they were to play at ________'s birthday party, but Thomas the Tank Engine left the tuba player behind!
North Western Railway (fictional)Gordon the Big EngineThe Fat ControllerThomas and Friends

Question 6: Percival, The Thin Controller is the head of the ________ in the Thomas and Friends TV Show.
The Railway SeriesRailway engines (Thomas and Friends)Duck the Great Western EngineSkarloey Railway

Question 7: She was to get married in one episode; however, ________ did not have a good luck package for her.
The Other RailwayMinor characters in The Railway SeriesMajor characters in The Railway SeriesRailway engines (Thomas and Friends)

Question 8: Percy the Small Engine went and found one (consisting of Thomas the Tank Engine, New Buffers, ________ and a Flat Truck).
Rolling stock (Thomas and Friends)Railway engines (Thomas and Friends)Edward the Blue EngineDuck the Great Western Engine

Question 9: The television series ________ features many fictional people and animals who interact with the engine characters and form the basis for many of the varying storylines.
Thomas and Friends – Series 12Shining Time StationTeletubbiesThomas and Friends

Question 10: He dresses similarly to ________, as well as wearing glasses and a bowler hat.
Thomas and FriendsGordon the Big EngineThe Fat ControllerNorth Western Railway (fictional)


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