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Question 1: Areostationary orbit (ASO): A circular areosynchronous orbit on the ________ and about 17,000 km (10,557 miles) above the surface of Mars.
5th parallel northEquator1st parallel north1st parallel south

Question 2:
  • Ecliptical orbit: A non-inclined orbit with respect to the ________.

Question 3: See asteroids ________ and 2002 AA29.
2006 RH1205261 EurekaMoon3753 Cruithne

Question 4: Named after the writer ________.
2001: A Space OdysseyArthur C. ClarkeThe Last Theorem3001: The Final Odyssey

Question 5:
  • Radial elliptic orbit: A closed elliptic orbit where the object is moving at less than the ________.
    Escape velocityGravity assistSolar SystemMoon

Question 6: Halo orbits and Lissajous orbits: These are orbits around a ________.
Orbital mechanicsLagrangian pointInclinationGravity assist

Question 7: Such an orbit can place a satellite in constant sunlight and is useful for imaging, spy, and ________.
Aqua (satellite)Weather satelliteEarth observation satelliteTropical Rainfall Measuring Mission

Question 8: Orbit of the Moon: The orbital characteristics of ________'s moon.

Question 9: Radial hyperbolic orbit: An open hyperbolic orbit where the object is moving at greater than the ________.
Gravity assistMoonEscape velocitySolar System

Question 10: Geocentric orbit: An orbit around the planet ________, such as the Moon or artificial satellites.


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