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Question 1: 1576 August and 1578 Kizugawaguchi - Blockade efforts in Siege of Ishiyama Honganji, just off Osaka, ________
JapanCambodiaUnited KingdomCanada

Question 2: June 1 ________ - British fleet defeats French fleet in North Atlantic but French grain convoy makes it through to Brest
Expédition d'IrlandeAtlantic campaign of May 1794Order of battle at the Glorious First of JuneGlorious First of June

Question 3: September 23-35 Dakar - Vichy French fight off a British/Free French landing at ________

Question 4: 1666 May 20 - Undecided encounter between an English and a combined Dutch\French squadron at the isle of ________
Saint KittsNevisBarbadosSaint Kitts and Nevis

Question 5: 1363 August 30-October 4 Lake Poyang - Mings under ________ defeat Hans under Chen Youliang
Yongle EmperorHongwu EmperorMing DynastyZhengtong Emperor

Question 6:
  • August 26 Plymouth - ________'s 36 men-of-war hold off Ayscue's 45 men-of-war, driving them away
    Second Anglo-Dutch WarThird Anglo-Dutch WarMichiel de RuyterAnglo-Dutch Wars

Question 7: 1974 - January ________ - Chinese Navy invades the Paracels Islands, sunk South Vietnamese patrol craft.
Battle of the Paracel IslandsSino-Indian WarVietnam WarSino-Vietnamese War

Question 8: 1919 - 17 June and 18 August British raids on Kronstadt during the ________
Estonian War of IndependenceLatvian War of IndependenceRussian Civil WarSoviet westward offensive of 1918–1919

Question 9: April 29-May 6 ________ - 12 ships and 6 U-boats sunk in last major North Atlantic U-boat Wolf pack attack
HMS Duncan (D99)World War IIBlack May (1943)Convoy ONS 5

Question 10:
  • ________ navy defeats Shirahama Kenki pirate fleet.
    Nguyễn LordsTrịnh LordsNguyễn DynastyTrịnh–Nguyễn War


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