List of music recording sales certifications: Quiz

Question 1: Many music industries across the globe are represented by the ________ (IFPI).
International Federation of the Phonographic IndustryLondonInternational Standard Recording CodeInternational Standard Audiovisual Number

Question 2:
^ I Egyptian, Lebanese, and Gulf State domestic figures refer to sales of domestic releases throughout the greater ________.
SomaliaArab WorldSyriaAlgeria

Question 3: Though all certifying bodies give awards for album sales, many also certify singles, legal digital downloads, music videos, music ________, and master ringtones.
DVDHD DVDLaserdiscBlu-ray Disc

Question 4: ________. Retrieved 2008-05-31.
International Standard Audiovisual NumberInternational Federation of the Phonographic IndustryInternational Standard Recording CodeLondon

Question 5: The global ________ typically awards recordings with certification awards based on the total units sold to the retailers.
Record producerMusic publisher (popular music)Music industryRecord label

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