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Question 1: Without witnesses or survivors, the mystery surrounding the fate of missing ships has inspired many items of nautical lores and the creation of paranormal zones such as the ________.
United StatesUfologyBermuda TriangleUnidentified flying object

Question 2: Often the search and recovery costs are prohibitive even with today's ________ and wrecking technologies and could not be compensated by salvaged valuables, if indeed there were any onboard.
SonarEcho soundingUnderwater acousticsMarine mammals and sonar

Question 3: The advancement of radar technology by the end of World War II and today's ________ make it more likely that a distressed vessel will be located.
Global Positioning SystemInertial navigation systemF-15 EagleCompass

Question 4: The following lists contain entries that could not be referenced to an area close to any one particular country or an area definitely in ________.
Mediterranean SeaPacific OceanArctic OceanInternational waters

Question 5: Sudden disasters such as military strike, collision, rogue wave, or ________ could also prevent a crew from sending a distress call and reporting a location.
PiracyHayreddin BarbarossaKurto─člu Muslihiddin ReisBarbary corsairs

Question 6: Many disappearances occurred before wireless telegraphy became available in ________ applications in the late 1890s which would allow crew to send a distress call.
NavigationCompassAmateur radio direction findingGlobal Positioning System

Question 7: If it is known that the ________ in question sank, then its wreck has not yet been located.
Herring BussFishing vesselFeluccaShip

Question 8: Among the many missing ships on the list are ________, which have limited communication, and provide the crew almost no chance of survival if struck by disaster underwater.
Alfa class submarineTorpedoSubmarineUnited States Navy

Question 9: In many cases a probable cause has been deduced, such as a known ________ or warfare, but it could not be confirmed without witnesses or sufficient documentation.


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