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List of missiles by country: Quiz


Question 1: SS-25 Sickle / ________
RT-2UTTH Topol MRSD-10 PioneerR-36 (missile)RT-2PM Topol

Question 2: ________ theatre ballistic missile (SS-1c Scud)
Vympel R-27Kh-29Vympel K-13Scud

Question 3: This list of missiles by country displays the names of ________ in order of the country where they originate, with the countries listed alphabetically and annotated with their continent (and defence alliance, if applicable).
Air-to-air missileAnti-tank guided missileMissileAir-to-surface missile

Question 4: Shahin I & II, Reverse engineer of ________.
MIM-23 HawkAIM-120 AMRAAMMIM-104 PatriotAIM-9 Sidewinder

Question 5: Sayyad, upgraded copy of ________, Sayyad-1A has IR tracking.
S-125 Neva/PechoraStrela 2P-15 TermitS-75 Dvina

Question 6: SS-N-21 Sampson / ________
Raduga Kh-55Kh-29ScudKh-58

Question 7: ________, also called X-55
Kh-58Raduga Kh-55ScudKh-29

Question 8: SS-27 / ________
RT-2UTTH Topol MR-36 (missile)RT-2PM TopolRSD-10 Pioneer

Question 9: For an alphabetical list by missile name, see the ________.
AIM-7 SparrowList of missilesAIM-132 ASRAAMList of missiles by country


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