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List of languages by number of native speakers: Quiz


Question 1: ________
List of ISO 639-3 codesISO 639:aISO 639:cISO 639:b

Question 2: Ethnologue - SIL's ________, widely referenced source for the world's languages
Mayan languagesEthnologueLanguage isolateAltaic languages

Question 3: The relevant estimate for the number of native speakers for the purposes of this list is that of ________.
Mayan languagesAltaic languagesLanguage isolateEthnologue

Question 4: Languages Spoken by More Than 10 Million People (Archived 2009-10-31) - ________ list, based on data from Ethnologue, but some figures (e.g.
Microsoft MathEncartaMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Security Essentials

Question 5: The following are the largest ________, which in different sources may be counted as either one or several languages.
Teochew dialectISO 639 macrolanguageChinese languageArabic language

Question 6: ________ (5-10 million, second language up to 80 million)
Arabic languageEnglish languageSwahili languageZulu language

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