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Question 1: Elisel, a dragon belonging to the Sunrunner ________.
Prince RohanDragon PrinceRoelstra's LineSioned

Question 2: Bio Dragon, a genetically engineered, 1,000 year old dragon from the 2003 science fiction movie ________
Self-destructBreathing FireClassified informationDragon Fighter

Question 3: They are portrayed as having strong magic (even in their blood), but they do not exhibit any hints of intelligence or ________.
Self-awarenessConsciousnessFriedrich NietzscheSelf (philosophy)

Question 4: Dragons can also be passionate protectors, just like the dragon in ________ and Shrek 2, who displays her affection for a donkey.
Shrek (film series)Shrek the HallsShrek the ThirdShrek

Question 5: Niv-Mizzet, the insightful but short-tempered dragon wizard and leader of the Izzet guild in ________.
Magic: The GatheringDissensionGuildpactRavnica: City of Guilds

Question 6: In the 'expansion pack' for ________, Clash of the Dragons, the 'evil' dragons were led by the Dragon Queen Mutare.
Heroes of Might and Magic IIIHeroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's BladeMight and Magic VIII: Day of the DestroyerHeroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death

Question 7: Lockheed, the pet dragon of Kitty Pryde, or ________, of the X-Men.
Wolverine (comics)Stan LeeKitty PrydeKarma (comics)

Question 8: Lackey, Mercedes and James Mallory, ________: Ancalader, the dragon bonded to Jermayan.
To Light a CandleThe Enduring Flame TrilogyWhen Darkness FallsThe Obsidian Trilogy

Question 9: Salvatore, R.A.: Shimmergloom the shadow dragon is mentioned in one of ________'s books and Hephaestus the red dragon is a minor character in Sojourn.
Drizzt Do'UrdenTransitions (novel series)R. A. SalvatoreDrow (Dungeons & Dragons)

Question 10: Eddings, David and Leigh, ________ and The Malloreon series: Unnamed dragons.
Polgara the SorceressThe Rivan CodexThe BelgariadThe Dreamers (novel series)

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