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List of extinct birds: Quiz


Question 1: See ________ article for discussion.
Black VultureLesser Yellow-headed VultureCalifornia CondorKing Vulture

Question 2: Even more rails became extinct before they could be described by scientists; these taxa are listed in ________.
Late Quaternary prehistoric birdsSeabirdPalaeognathaeGalliformes

Question 3:
Reclusive ground-nesting birds that sally out at night to hunt for large ________ and similar prey.

Question 4: ________ – Crows, ravens, magpies and jays
PasserineCorvus (genus)CorvidaeBird

Question 5: ________ – sylviid ("true") warblers and parrotbills
Old World warblerOld World babblerTypical warblerPasserine

Question 6: ________– estrildid finches (waxbills, munias, etc)
Estrildid finchFirefinchEstrildaParrotfinch

Question 7: ________, Heteralocha acutirostris (North Island, New Zealand, early 20th century)
BirdStitchbirdTui (bird)Huia

Question 8: ________, Rhodonessa caryophyllacea (East India, Bangladesh, North Myanmar, 1945?)– a reclassification into the genus Netta is recommended but not generally accepted.
Red-crested PochardIndian Spot-billed DuckPink-headed DuckWhite-winged Wood Duck

Question 9: The situation is exemplified by ________, where 30% of all known recently extinct bird taxa originally lived.
HawaiiAlaskaFloridaUnited States

Question 10: ________, Anas oustaleti (Marianas, West Pacific, 1981)
Mariana MallardAnatidaeIndian Spot-billed DuckPacific Black Duck


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