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List of dog sports: Quiz


Question 1: Take ________, for example, or hunting from, say, a duck blind, from which the dog retrieves the game.
Greyhound racingUnited KingdomUnited StatesPortugal

Question 2: Dog sports are activities that involve ________.
Dog healthDog breedCoat (dog)Dog

Question 3: For example, in a ________ the handler and dog move around a ring for a judge to evaluate the dog's appearance and structure; the skill and knowledge required are not obvious to those uninterested in the sport.
Mixed-breed dogPurebred (dog)Conformation showBreed type (dog)

Question 4: There is much discussion about what exactly defines a ________[note] for dogs.
SportOlympic GamesSports clubIreland

Question 5: Agility, ________, and Dock Jumping are very entertaining to spectators, and often televised.
FlyballConformation showObedience trialDisc dog


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