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List of deities: Quiz


Question 1: For deified individuals see List of people who have been considered deities, ________, Imperial cult.
Eleusinian MysteriesAlexander the GreatApotheosisApollo

Question 2: Greek pantheon (see also List of Greek mythological figures, Twelve Olympians, ________, Family tree of the Greek gods)
Trojan WarGreek mythologyGreek hero cultApollo

Question 3:

Question 4: For deities whose cult is fictional see ________.
List of deities in fictionCosmic entity (Marvel Comics)List of Warhammer Fantasy deitiesGalactus

Question 5: This is not a list of names or epithets of God in monotheistic religions, for which see ________.
MonotheismGlossary of ChristianityConceptions of GodNames of God


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