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List of current ships of the Iranian Navy: Quiz


Question 1: BH.7 Logistic Support ________ (6)
Maglev (transport)FerryHigh-speed railHovercraft

Question 2: The Iranian guided missile gunboat Paykan was sunk during Operation Morvarid in 1980, while the guided missile gunboat Joshan was sunk during ________ in 1988, these ship must not be confused with the new Joshan and Paykan.
Operation Zafar 7Halabja poison gas attackOperation Praying MantisIran–Iraq War

Question 3: Armament: 4 x ________ (Noor), 1 114 mm DP, 1 dual 35 mm AA, 4 20 mm, 2 12.7 mm MG, 1 Limbo ASW mortar
C-802TL-10Silkworm missileC-701


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