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List of countries spanning more than one continent: Quiz


Question 1: ________: Indonesia is commonly associated with Asia, Southeast Asia or Malay Archipelago.

Question 2: ________ includes the North American island of Greenland and the Faroe Islands associated with Europe.

Question 3: Maps or atlases usually include Indonesian portion of New Guinea (________) and Maluku Islands.
Papua (province)Western New GuineaBengkuluAceh

Question 4: It is now seeking membership in ________ which it had been in since the 1970s.
South Asian Association for Regional CooperationASEANPacific Islands ForumShanghai Cooperation Organisation

Question 5: ________, Norway, South Africa, and the United Kingdom may also be considered transcontinental by virtue of distant island possessions associated with a continent other than where the country is based.
FranceCanadaItalyUnited States

Question 6: A number of nations claim ownership over portions of the continent of ________.
Atacama DesertKalahari DesertDesertAntarctica

Question 7: [5] East Timor has applied for membership of the ________ (ASEAN), at which it is an observer; it is also an observer at the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF).
South Asian Association for Regional CooperationUnion of South American NationsShanghai Cooperation OrganisationASEAN

Question 8: ________
List of historical countries and empires spanning more than one continentHistorical powersList of empiresList of largest empires

Question 9: Isla Aves is one of the Federal dependencies of Venezuela under the administration of the transcontinental city of ________.
CaracasSão PauloBuenos AiresMexico City

Question 10: What does the following picture show?

       Asian part of Egypt and rest of Asia      African part of Egypt      Rest of Africa


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