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List of coffee varieties: Quiz


Question 1: [11] variety grown in the Philippines, particularly in the provinces of ________ and Cavite.
PangasinanBatangas CityBatangasManila

Question 2: Coffee from the species ________ are considered to have richer flavor than Coffea robusta.
Coffea libericaHistory of coffeeCoffea arabicaCaffeine

Question 3: Variety can be described as a more common and more popular term for ________, especially in wine.
Botanical nameCultigenGenera PlantarumCultivar

Question 4: Whilst not separate varieties of bean, unusual and very expensive robustas are the Indonesian ________ and the Philippine "Kape Alamid[10]".
Coffee preparationKopi LuwakCoffeeCoffee processing

Question 5: ________ is world leader in production of green coffee followed by Vietnam and Colombia.
East TimorBrazilPortugalMozambique

Question 6: Bourbon Coffee), it is used in the place of the term variety or ________.
Genera PlantarumCultigenBotanical nameCultivar

Question 7: ________ beans from different places may have distinctive characteristics such as flavor (flavor criteria includes terms such as "citrus-like" or "earthy"), caffeine content, body or mouthfeel, and acidity.
CoffeaCoffeeCoffeehouseHistory of coffee

Question 8: ________, the botanical term, is normally and correctly used for selections and forms of cultivated plants; it must be visually distinct from other cultivars and it must be possible to propagate it reliably.
Genera PlantarumBotanical nameCultivarCultigen


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