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List of cities in Portugal: Quiz


Question 1: After the ________, proclamation of cities returned to Parliament and now, Portugal has 156 cities, one of the consequences being that the title no longer holds the prestige it once had.
Carnation RevolutionEstado Novo (Portugal)OestriminisPortuguese First Republic

Question 2: Until 1910, a location was proclaimed city by ________, which happened 25 times to current Portuguese cities (royal charters were also granted to cities of the Portuguese Empire; for example, São Paulo in 1711).
United KingdomRoyal charterRutgers UniversityMcGill University

Question 3: During the ________, the process was transferred to the Parliament, which elevated three towns to the category of city.
Estado Novo (Portugal)OestriminisPortuguese First RepublicCarnation Revolution

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