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List of battleship classes: Quiz


Question 1: Fate: Arizona sunk at Pearl Harbor, Pennsylvania expended as a live fire taget during ________
Operation CrossroadsAmchitkaTrinity (nuclear test)Pacific Proving Grounds

Question 2: Fate: Wyoming scrapped, Arkansas expended as a live fire target for ________
Pacific Proving GroundsOperation CrossroadsAmchitkaTrinity (nuclear test)

Question 3: Fate: All but Slava lost at the ________ in 1905, Slava scuttled 1917
Battle of TsushimaRusso-Japanese WarBattle of the Yellow SeaBattle of Port Arthur

Question 4: Fate: Oklahoma damaged at pearl harbor & sunk in transit to US for scrapping, Nevada used as a live fire target for ________
AmchitkaTrinity (nuclear test)Pacific Proving GroundsOperation Crossroads

Question 5: Unique battleships not part of a class (such as HMS Vanguard) are found separately under ________, which also includes individual battleships within the classes listed below.
List of battleshipsIndefatigable class battlecruiserBattlecruiserList of battleship classes

Question 6: Fate: Mutsu exploded 1943, Nagato expended as a live fire target for ________ 1946
AmchitkaOperation CrossroadsTrinity (nuclear test)Pacific Proving Grounds


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