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List of archaeoastronomical sites by country: Quiz


Question 1: ________, the pecked-cross circles as survey-markers
TeotihuacanOlmecMaya civilizationMesoamerican chronology

Question 2: Kokino Situated 1030 m above sea level on the Tatićev Kamen Summit near ________.

Question 3: ________, Venus alignment of the "Governor's Palace"
UxmalCalakmulPalenqueChichen Itza

Question 4: ________, it is aligned so that the rear wall of its central chamber, a rough cube of five yards square held up by a bracketed wall,[6] is illuminated on the winter solstice.
Skara BraeStonehengeMaeshoweAvebury

Question 5: ________, once a year, at the winter solstice, the rising sun shines directly along the long passage into the chamber for about 17 minutes and illuminates the chamber floor.
DowthNewgrangeBrú na BóinneKnowth

Question 6: ________, the caracol is theorized to be a proto-observatory with doors and windows aligned to astronomical events, specifically around the path of Venus as it traverses the heavens.
UxmalChichen ItzaPalenqueCalakmul

Question 7: Rujm el-Hiri, ancient megalithic monument in the ________ which is currently occupied by Israel.
2006 Lebanon War1948 Arab–Israeli WarSyriaGolan Heights

Question 8: ________, cardinal orientations, meridian alignment, inter-pueblo alignments
Bandelier National MonumentGila Cliff Dwellings National MonumentChaco Culture National Historical ParkAztec Ruins National Monument

Question 9: This is a list of sites where claims for the use of ________ have been made, sorted by country.


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