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List of animal sounds: Quiz


Question 1: ________ - growl, snarl, hiss
Beaded lizardVaranus salvadoriiGila monsterKomodo dragon

Question 2: ________ - rawr, grr, growl, and screech

Question 3: ________ -talk (many languages, the English language being somewhat guttural)
HumanHomoHuman evolutionMind

Question 4: ________ -bark, bay, growl, howl, yowl, whine, yip, yap, snap, snarl, and whimper
Dog healthDog breedCoat (dog)Dog

Question 5: ________ -squeak (many guinea pig owners dub this noise as a "wheek")
Chacoan MaraGuinea pigCatCapybara

Question 6: This is a list of animal sounds, sounds made by ________.

Question 7: ________- mew, purr, meow and hiss, yowl, spit
Gray WolfLionCatRaccoon

Question 8: Birds- chirrup, chirp, tweet, and sing: ________
OrnithologyBird vocalizationBird intelligenceBird migration

Question 9: Below is a list of appropriate ________ corresponding to the sounds made by various animals.
Possessive pronounPossessive adjectiveStative verbEnglish verbs

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