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List of aircraft carriers: Quiz


Question 1: Sunk 4 June 1942, ________.
Pacific WarAttack on Pearl HarborBattle of MidwayBattle of the Coral Sea

Question 2: Commissioned 20 May 1944 and sunk 21 Feb 1945 by kamikaze attack off ________.
Misawa Air BaseIwo JimaRaising the Flag on Iwo JimaJapan

Question 3: Commissioned 8 March 1943 and sunk 29 May 1944 off the ________ by U-549.
Canary IslandsMelillaTenerifeSpain

Question 4: The list of aircraft carriers contains all ________ listed alphabetically by name.
Aircraft carrierTimeline for aircraft carrier serviceDestroyerCarrier battle group

Question 5: Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman (Netherlands): (ex-British HMS Nairana, transferred in 1946) - Returned to ________ for disposal in 1948 and replaced by HMS Venerable
HMS Ocean (L12)Royal NavyHMS Ark Royal (R07)HMS Illustrious (R06)


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