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List of active Royal Navy ships: Quiz


Question 1: In addition the Navy possesses 2 ________ (a third aircraft carrier is in reserve), 1 helicopter carrier, and 2 landing platform docks.
Carrier battle groupAircraft carrierDestroyerTimeline for aircraft carrier service

Question 2: See also: ________
List of fleet bases of the Royal NavyList of Royal Navy shore establishmentsBristolList of air stations of the Royal Navy

Question 3: Vanguard-class ________ (SSBNs) (4)
Alfa class submarineUnited States NavySubmarineTorpedo

Question 4: RNAS Yeovilton (HMS Heron) (________)
Mendip HillsBath and North East SomersetShepton MalletSomerset

Question 5: HMS Ark Royal (R07) - ________ of the active fleet[1]
Flagship stationCBSFlagshipPublic Broadcasting Service

Question 6: HMS Bristol (D23) - ________ - now used as a training ship, permanently docked in Portsmouth Harbour
Type 82 destroyerCounty class destroyerRoyal NavyType 42 destroyer

Question 7: n.b. the following landing craft are not commissioned vessels in the Royal Navy and are operated by the ________.
3 Commando BrigadeRoyal Marines40 CommandoBritish Army

Question 8: ________ (LPH) (1)
Landing Platform HelicopterAmphibious assault shipHelicopter carrierAmphibious warfare ship

Question 9: ________ - a list of current Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessels
Naval ServiceRoyal NavyRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryFleet Air Arm

Question 10: 23 of the commissioned vessels are major fleet escorts (6 guided missile destroyers and 17 frigates) and 11 are nuclear powered submarines (4 ballistic missile submarines and 7 ________).
Alfa class submarineTorpedoUnited States NavySubmarine


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