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List of University of Delaware people: Quiz


Question 1: Steve Schmidt - Campaign Manager of the ________ (note: did not graduate)
Sarah PalinRepublican Party (United States) vice presidential candidates, 2008John McCain presidential campaign, 2008United States presidential election, 2008 timeline

Question 2: ________ - 2008 - American baseball player [21]
Pete RoseMark McGwireDerek JeterCal Ripken, Jr.

Question 3: William B. Chandler, III - Chancellor, ________
John Dickinson (delegate)Delaware Court of ChanceryGeorge Read (signer)Wilmington, Delaware

Question 4: ________ - 2001 - American physicist and astronomer[20]
Amundsen-Scott South Pole StationPhysicsMartin A. PomerantzAntarctica

Question 5: ________ – Former U.S.
C. Douglass BuckDelawareJ. Allen Frear, Jr.J. Caleb Boggs

Question 6: Paul R. Jones - 2004 - ________, Paul R. Jones Collection of African American Art[12]
Collection (museum)CuratorArchiveCollection catalog

Question 7: John J. Williams - 1975 - Former United States Senator (R-________)[29]
ConnecticutNew JerseyDelawareMaryland

Question 8: ________ – Former U.S. Senator and U.S. Congressman
L. Heisler Ball57th United States CongressHenry A. du PontT. Coleman du Pont

Question 9: Geoffrey Marcy - 2004 - Astronomer, discoverer of the first extrasolar planet ________[14]
HD 189733 b51 Pegasi bUpsilon Andromedae bHD 209458 b

Question 10: ________ - 2002- Current President of Ireland[16]
Tarja HalonenVáclav KlausNicolas SarkozyMary McAleese


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