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List of United Nations member states: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ (then the Philippine Commonwealth) was a commonwealth with the United States, until gaining full independence in 1946.
MaltaPhilippinesPapua New GuineaEast Timor

Question 2: On 17 February 2008, ________, an autonomous province of Serbia which had been under the interim administration of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo since 1999, declared its independence, but this has not been recognized by Serbia.
KosovoMontenegroBosnia and HerzegovinaAlbania

Question 3: [26] On the basis of a referendum held on 21 May 2006, ________ declared itself independent from Serbia on 3 June 2006.
MontenegroAlbaniaBosnia and HerzegovinaCroatia

Question 4: On 4 February 2003, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia had its official name changed to ________, following the adoption and promulgation of the Constitutional Charter of Serbia and Montenegro by the Assembly of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
KosovoBelgradeSerbsSerbia and Montenegro

Question 5: The ________, currently a de facto sovereign state with limited international recognition, was previously recognized as the legitimate representative of China in the UN.
Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaVietnamPhilippines

Question 6: Tanganyika was admitted to the UN on 14 December 1961, and ________ was admitted to the UN on 16 December 1963.
Saint HelenaBritish EmpireZanzibarNewfoundland (island)

Question 7: In addition to the member states, there is currently one non-member permanent observer state: the ________ (which holds sovereignty over the state of Vatican City and maintains diplomatic relations with other states).
Catholic ChurchPopeSt. Peter's BasilicaHoly See

Question 8: In principle, only ________ can become UN members, and all current members are fully sovereign states (although a few members were not fully sovereign when they joined the UN).
NicaraguaMexicoHaitiSovereign state

Question 9: Both ________ and Syria joined the UN as original members on 24 October 1945.

Question 10: ________ joined the UN as an original member on 24 October 1945, with its name changed to the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic on 20 April 1990.
Czechoslovak Republic (1918–1938)Czech RepublicCzechoslovakiaCzechoslovak Socialist Republic


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