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List of U.S. states by elevation: Quiz


Question 1: ________
Mountain peaks of the United StatesTable of the major 4000 meter summits of the United StatesTable of the most prominent summits of the United StatesTable of the highest major summits of the United States

Question 2: a  The ________ defines a vertical datum to be "a set of constants specifying the coordinate system used ...
National Park ServiceNational Weather ServiceU.S. National Geodetic SurveyNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Question 3: For instance, ________ could be regarded as the highest state because Mount McKinley, at 20,320 ft (6,194 m), is the highest point in the United States.
WashingtonNorthwestern United StatesHawaiiAlaska

Question 4: The elevation of ________ may be described in several ways: by the elevation of their highest point, the elevation of their lowest points, their mean elevation, and the difference between (range of) their highest points and lowest points.
U.S. stateMassachusettsColoradoConnecticut

Question 5: [2] However, ________, with the highest mean elevation of any state, could also be considered a candidate for "highest state".


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