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List of The Future Is Wild species: Quiz


Question 1: The silver spider is a colonial ________ that inhabits the Great Plateau.

Question 2: This is not a surprising relationship for today leafcutter ants do a similar thing: collect leaves to feed to a ________.

Question 3: When a desert rattleback uncovers ________ for food, it also uncovers spinks.
RootPlant stemCormTuber

Question 4: The poggle inhabits the Great Plateau (the point where Australia collides with ________ and North America).

Question 5: Many of the lowly organisms have adapted and have claimed the open niches - most molluscs have taken the place of ________, for instance.
Even-toed ungulateMammalPrimateMammal classification

Question 6: They swing better than modern day ________ due to their lack of an internal skeleton.

Question 7: It has evolved a sophisticated way of killing venomous swampuses: ________.
ElectricityElectric currentElectric chargeElectromagnetism

Question 8: The female snowstalker has a quick ________, lasting about three weeks.
Menstrual cycleOvulationEstrous cyclePuberty

Question 9: The cryptile is a small lizard, about 18 inches long that evolved from the ________.
ReptileAgamidaeSquamataFrill-necked Lizard

Question 10: Its appearance resembles the extinct ________, which also lived in South America.


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