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List of Star Wars planets (A–B): Quiz


Question 1: Sensor scans have revealed a variety of rare minerals and even some ________ on the planet.
Crystal structureSolidCarbonCrystal

Question 2: Apatros is a world in the ________.
Star Wars galaxyGrand Moff TarkinHan SoloStar Wars Expanded Universe

Question 3: Jedi Master ________ moved his clone troops to Boz Pity during the Sieges.
List of Star Wars charactersDarth VaderObi-Wan KenobiChronology of Star Wars

Question 4: Anaxes is also the homeworld of ________, a crime lord who fought both Empire and Rebellion forces but managed to survive beyond the civil war.
PalpatineStar Wars: Empire at War: Forces of CorruptionDarth VaderStar Wars: Empire at War

Question 5: Jedi Masters Baytes and ________ met their ends here due to General Grievous' extra arms.
List of Star Wars charactersObi-Wan KenobiChronology of Star WarsDarth Vader

Question 6: A while after the Battle of Geonosis, it was the site of a significant battle in the Clone Wars involving Ki-Adi-Mundi, Bultar Swan, ________, and A'Sharad Hett.
Anakin SkywalkerPalpatineObi-Wan KenobiYoda

Question 7: It is home to six million individuals, including humans and ________.
List of Star Wars races (U–Z)List of Star Wars races (F–J)List of Star Wars planets (M–N)Chronology of Star Wars

Question 8: The ________ passed through the relatively deserted system while escaping from the Empire.
ChewbaccaDarth VaderHan SoloMillennium Falcon

Question 9: Obi-Wan Kenobi goes to Bellassa after learning on Tatooine that one former Jedi, Ferus Olin, survived the ________.
Luke SkywalkerPrincess Leia OrganaAnakin SkywalkerGreat Jedi Purge

Question 10: The planet, along with its inhabitants, was destroyed in the ________.
Yuuzhan Vong invasionStar by StarDestiny's WayBalance Point


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