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List of Sega arcade system boards: Quiz


Question 1: Additional Features: Bump Mapping, Fog, Alpha Blending, Mip-Mapping, Trilinear filtering, ________, Environment mapping, and Specular Effects.
Nyquist–Shannon sampling theoremDigital signal processingRendering (computer graphics)Anti-aliasing

Question 2: Sega had originally planned to use the Microsoft's ________ as the basis for the arcade board, but instead opted for an architecture based on standard PC hardware.
Xbox 360Xbox LiveXbox 360 launchXbox 360 hardware

Question 3: Most of these games also have the "suicide battery" as associated with Sega's ________ hardware.
List of Sega arcade system boardsSega SaturnDreamcastMega Drive

Question 4: Upon release, the Model 3 was easily the most powerful arcade system board in existence, capable of over one million ________ per second.
PolytopeRegular polytopePolyhedronPolygon

Question 5: ________: 320 x 224
720pDisplay resolution1080pInterlace

Question 6: ________: 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM (PC-6400)
Dynamic random access memoryComputer data storageFlash memoryRandom-access memory

Question 7: The 733 MHz ________ Pentium III CPU and the Nvidia XChip graphics processor are common to both.
GoogleIntel CorporationMicrosoftCisco Systems

Question 8: In its four year span it was used in some 20 different arcade games including ________, Flicky, Pitfall II: Lost Caverns, and Wonder Boy.
Commodore 64Atari 7800ChoplifterLode Runner

Question 9: OS: ________ Windows Embedded Standard 2009
Internet ExplorerMicrosoftMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Windows

Question 10: The only difference is the media; ST-V used ROM-cartridges instead of ________ to store games.
CD-ROMOptical disc driveOptical discCompact Disc


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