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List of Romance languages: Quiz


Question 1: Sardinian macrolanguage: 1,300,000 speakers in ________.

Question 2: Romanian (SIL Code, RUM; ISO 639-1 code, ro; ISO 639-2(B) code, rum; ISO 639-2(T) code, ron), 28 million speakers Romania, ________, Ukraine, Serbia

Question 3: Megleno-Romanian in ________ and Macedonia with a diaspora in Romania

Question 4: ________ as it is regarded only as a written language (it was the lingua franca of the scientists during the Middle Ages), not spoken by an ethnic population
Late LatinMedieval LatinLatin literatureVulgar Latin

Question 5: Official in Spain, United Nations, many countries of Latin America, and ________.
GabonCôte d'IvoireEquatorial GuineaGuinea-Bissau

Question 6: The Ethnologue classification produces a very detailed classification, more reflectant of regional difference than many other ________ would accept, but valuable as a description of varieties.

Question 7: Istriot (SIL Code, IST; ISO 639-2 code, roa): 1,000 speakers in ________
Istria CountyIstriaJulian MarchTrieste

Question 8:
  • Judeo-Italian (SIL Code, ITK; ISO 639-2 code, roa): 4,000 ________

Question 9: ________ (United States) - (SIL Code, FRC; ISO 639-2 code, roa)
Colonial FrenchAcadian FrenchQuebec FrenchCajun French

Question 10:
  • Logudorese, Campidanese, Sassarese and ________ - varieties making up the Sardinian macrolanguage (Note that the latter two can be classified as varieties of Corsican.)
    Italian languageLigurian language (Romance)GallureseSardinian language


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