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Question 1: Jones was one of the key characters in the series and is famous for making ________ with his mouth.
Sound effectSynthesizerDigital audio editorAudio signal processing

Question 2: Sweetchuck joined as a ________ in the third movie.
United States Merchant MarineUnited KingdomCadetJunior Reserve Officers' Training Corps

Question 3: He appeared as a civilian in the second film, (possibly still in high school or ________), as a cadet in the third film, and as an officer in the fourth.
Public school (government funded)Gymnasium (school)UniversityCollege

Question 4: In the second film, which he was assigned to work as a motorcycle policeman, it is revealed that although Tackleberry exerts an image of toughness and masculinity, he is still a ________.
GreeceGoddessUnited KingdomVirginity

Question 5: Featured in all but the seventh of the films, Hightower was a ________ before joining the academy.
RoseFloral designFloristryChristmas

Question 6: He had been a veteran of the US military and a ________ prior to joining the police academy.
Security guardNetherlandsBodyguardIsrael

Question 7: "Mister Nasty" of the police academy, he always attempts to discredit Lassard and his men, but ends up being the butt of most of the ________.
JokeComedyHumourComedic genres

Question 8: He is also a skilled ________: at the end of Police Academy 6 he escapes injury by swinging on an overpass and landing in a speeding Bigfoot.
Nadia ComăneciArtistic gymnasticsBalance beamGymnastics

Question 9: A very Zed-like character (also played by Bob Goldthwait) appeared in several ________ videos.
Come Out and Play (album)Dee SniderWe're Not Gonna Take It (Twisted Sister song)Twisted Sister

Question 10: They get married (driving off in a ________ after their wedding) and have a son, Eugene Tackleberry Junior (featured in the sixth film).
United StatesIndianapolisBigfoot (truck)Alaska

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