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Question 1: Sometimes, they will have a subtitle, such as, "An Epic Tragic ________ Thingie" or "A Big Fat Tale 'O Woe".
NovelLiteratureLyric poetryPoetry

Question 2: Rat has also repeatedly forayed into ________, and Sunday strips often show him writing novels, often while drinking.
PoetrySatireShort storyLiterature

Question 3: Much about his family is unknown, but he did telephone his mother in one strip, and we know that his father was killed by a ________ clown for an unknown reason.
CircusCircus skillsContemporary circusUnited States

Question 4: Rat has "invented" several new types of ________/religion over the strips run, a few of which include "Unthinkology", "Mulliganology", and "Cheezepuffology".
PhilosophyAristotlePolitical philosophyDavid Hume

Question 5: In 2008, he donned the name "El Jefe, The Cuban Evenger" and sent the Guard Duck and Snuffles the cat as mercenaries to topple ________.
Raúl CastroFulgencio BatistaFidel CastroOsvaldo Dorticós Torrado

Question 6: Rat has made multiple sojourns into ________.
Political partyPolitical philosophyIdeologyPolitics

Question 7: However, in an arc where Goat travels home and visits his mother, she comments on how his name is never used in the comic strip he works in, and that his real name is ________.
MarseilleÉvry, EssonneVersaillesParis

Question 8: When he told Rat (who didn't know who Father Nick was) that Nick had been their ________ since 1979, Rat said "Maybe I've missed a [mass] or two".
LutheranismPriestBishopLiturgical book

Question 9: He also makes massive donations to Rainbow/PUSH, misunderstanding Jesse Jackson's slogan of "keep hope alive" and thinking the money will be used to afford medical treatment for ________.
Bob HopeJerry LewisFrank SinatraCharlton Heston

Question 10: In one strip, he mentioned going to "Father Nick's" ________.
FuneralCremationBurialDeath and culture


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