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Question 1: ________ uses a straightforward method of naming their automobile engines.
Nissan MarchNissan SunnyNissan TiidaNissan Motors

Question 2: Nissan showed a prototype Wankel rotary engine at the Tokyo Motor Show in ________, but it never reached production.

Question 3: Nissan's ________ engines include:
V6 engineStraight-six engineInline-four engineV8 engine

Question 4: Nissan ECCS ("eltukusu") Electronic Concentrated Control System (ECCS), or Electronic Gas Injector (EGI), is an electronic ________ system designed to improve fuel economy and to reduce exhaust emission.
Fuel injectionCarburetorIgnition systemThrottle

Question 5: Nissan's ________ engines include:
Straight-six engineInline-four engineStraight-eight engineV8 engine

Question 6: Nissan ECC, or (EGR), is the ________.
Exhaust gas recirculationDiesel engineSpark-ignition engineInternal combustion engine


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