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List of Kings of the Picts: Quiz


Question 1: The list of kings of the ________ is based on the Pictish Chronicle king lists.
Kenneth MacAlpinScotlandPictsDál Riata

Question 2: Pictish kings ruled in northern and eastern ________.
EnglandScotlandUnited KingdomWales

Question 3: In 843 tradition records the replacement of the Pictish kingdom by the ________, although the Irish annals continue to use Picts and Fortriu for half a century after 843.
David I of ScotlandMalcolm III of ScotlandKingdom of AlbaMacbeth of Scotland

Question 4: A large portion of the lists, not reproduced here, belongs with the Matter of Britain or ________.
Irish mythologyThe MorríganLughManannán mac Lir

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