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List of Kings of Lydia: Quiz


Question 1: Usurping the throne, this semi-legendary dynasty, which established its capital at ________, comprised 22 kings reigning for 505 years, according to Herodotus.

Question 2: BC (son of Ninus, son of Belus, son of Alcaeus, son of Heracles and ________)
LydiaApolloOmphaleGreek mythology

Question 3: Other sources, such as ________, name Tmolus and his son Tantalus as kings of the region at the same time, ruling from Sipylus.

Question 4: ________ (widow of Tmolus, after whom she reigned)
HeraclesGreek mythologyOmphaleApollo

Question 5: ________ gives the eponymous Manes as the first king of Maeonia, with a son named Atys (Atyllus).
HerodotusAlexander the GreatGreco-Persian WarsAncient Greece

Question 6: Lydus (________) (son of Tantalus and Dione, went mad and threw himself into a fire)
BroteasAngelo SabinoGreek mythologyNiobe

Question 7: The Greeks of ________’s time knew Lydia as Maeonia, which was probably an earlier name for the country.
Classical antiquityTroyHomerAncient Greece

Question 8: They were descended from a liaison between Omphale and the mythical hero ________ (known as Tylon to the Lydians).
ApolloGreek mythologyHeraclesTrojan War

Question 9: Atys (Tantalus) (son of Zeus and Plouto, stepson of Tmolus, offered up his son ________ in a feast for the gods)
ApolloOenomausGreek mythologyPelops

Question 10: This page lists the kings of ________, an ancient kingdom in western Anatolia.

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