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List of Jewish prayers and blessings: Quiz


Question 1: (Havdalah is recited Saturday night, usually about an hour after sunset, measured as the time when three stars appear in the sky, at which time ________ is over.)
Jewish holidayShabbatHebrew calendarPassover

Question 2: This blessing is made on immersion in a ________ (ritual bath), e.g.
TzedakahMikvehJewish servicesHalakha

Question 3: The ________ version of the blessing adds the word קודש at the end of the blessing, making "...
Hasidic JudaismChabadIzhbitza (Hasidic dynasty)Breslov (Hasidic dynasty)

Question 4: ________, however, do recite a second blessing on the head-tefillin, before tightening it around the head:
Sephardi JewsJewsAshkenazi JewsJewish ethnic divisions

Question 5: The blessing is not time‑dependent, and it substitutes in part for the todah (Thanksgiving) offering, one of the classes of ________ (sacrifices) which women were obligated to offer (e.g.
Jewish servicesMikvehKorbanJudaism

Question 6: It is customary for men to say it after being called to the ________.

Question 7: The combined blessing of ________ is made only after eating a meal containing bread (including matza) made from one or all of wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt.
Jewish holidayAmidahJewish servicesBirkat Hamazon

Question 8: Accordingly, these authorities say that women are eligible to be counted in the minyan of 10 equally with men for the special purpose of the ________ of saying the HaGomel blessing and its congregational response publicly.
MitzvahTzitzitJewish holidayUpsherin

Question 9: After Birkat Hamazon, many ________ of the Spanish and Portuguese rite recite Ya Comimos or sing Bendigamos.
Mizrahi JewsSpanish and Portuguese JewsAshkenazi JewsSephardi Jews

Question 10: Sephardic and ________ authorities are of the opinion that the blessing on laying the head-tefillin is not necessary and the one blessing on laying the arm-tefillin is sufficient.
ChabadSkver (Hasidic dynasty)Hasidic JudaismGer (Hasidic dynasty)


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