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List of Java APIs: Quiz


Question 1: ________ SDK, the Java implementation of the SDK used by the popular 7-Zip file archive software (available here)
Data compressionLempel-Ziv-Markov chain algorithmDEFLATEAudio compression (data)

Question 2: The following is a partial list of ________ (APIs) for the Java Programming Language.
Application programming interfaceLinuxBerkeley Software DistributionUnix

Question 3: There are three types of ________ Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) :
Java (programming language)Java (software platform)

Question 4: Flying Saucer XML, ________, and CSS 2.1 rendering library.
XHTMLDocument Object ModelHTML5HTML5 video

Question 5: the official core Java API, contained in the JDK or JRE, of one of the editions of the ________.
Java (programming language)Sun MicrosystemsOpenJDKJava (software platform)


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