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List of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law episodes: Quiz


Question 1: It turns out that he is right, as ________ is the real mob boss.
Fred FlintstoneBarney RubbleThe FlintstonesPebbles Flintstone

Question 2: The episode name is a joke on Fred's famous catchphrase "Yabba Dabba Doo" and the nickname of mob boss ________, the "Dapper Don".
Lucchese crime familySammy GravanoJohn GottiGambino crime family

Question 3: This is a list of episodes of the animated television series ________.
Adult SwimRobot ChickenAqua Teen Hunger ForceHarvey Birdman, Attorney at Law

Question 4: Harvey is promoted to vice president of Sebben & Sebben and is given numerous executive privileges; his coupons are doled out by Phil, whose recent ________ has left him with a second eyepatch, blinding him.
Photorefractive keratectomyCataract surgeryLASIKEye surgery

Question 5: The title of this episode is a cross between ________ and Valley of the Dinosaurs.
Beyond the Valley of the DollsThe Seven Minutes (film)Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-VixensRuss Meyer

Question 6: Harvey laughs this off, and then pays his bar tab in ________.
Pound sterlingEurozoneEuroEuropean Central Bank

Question 7: The episode seems to be a spoof of the Orientation given to new employees of ________, as suggested in the voice commentary for "Blackwatch Plaid".
Eddie MathewsTed TurnerBobby CoxJoe Torre

Question 8: The episode ends with a PSA by the cast of the show on skin cancer and ________ stuck in hippo mouths.

Question 9: He claims that genetics shouldn't determine fatherhood, and calls a parade of witnesses — villains from the original ________ series — all of whom say that Bannon is the better father.
Hanna-BarberaThe JetsonsAdult SwimJonny Quest

Question 10: The episode title is a reference to the tartan of the ________ regiment.
Royal ScotsBlack WatchColdstream GuardsArgyll and Sutherland Highlanders

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