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List of Governors of Wyoming: Quiz


Question 1: The Adams-Onís Treaty transferred more of Wyoming to the United States, this time from ________.
Spanish EmpireViceroyalty of New SpainSpanish East IndiesMexico

Question 2: The United States initially acquired some of the land that is today Wyoming from ________ in the Louisiana Purchase.
CanadaFranceUnited KingdomItaly

Question 3: ________ | Grand Teton | Great Basin | Powder River Country | Red Desert | Yellowstone
Black HillsCuster, South DakotaSouth DakotaRapid City, South Dakota

Question 4: Following the annexation of Texas in 1845, and the receipt of the ________ following the Mexican-American War, all of Wyoming was now within the United States.
Mexican CessionGadsden PurchaseNew MexicoMexican–American War


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