List of Governors of Indiana: Quiz

Question 1: ________ was split from the territory on June 30, 1805, and Illinois Territory followed on March 1, 1809, leaving Indiana Territory with its final borders.
Michigan TerritoryGerald FordFord River Rouge ComplexNorthwest Territory

Question 2: The land that became Indiana was acquired by the United States after the ________.
American Revolutionary WarNew York and New Jersey campaignSaratoga campaignAmerican Civil War

Question 3: The original 1816 ________ provided for the election of a governor and a lieutenant governor every three years.
Isaac BlackfordHistory of IndianaConstitution of IndianaWilliam Hendricks

Question 4: If the office of lieutenant governor is vacant, the president pro tempore of the ________ becomes governor;[5] this has happened once, when James B. Ray succeeded William Hendricks.
Alaska SenateVermont SenateIndiana SenateIndiana General Assembly

Question 5: The ________ is the head of the executive branch of Indiana's government and the commander-in-chief of the state's military forces.
Governor of IndianaMitch DanielsGovernor of OklahomaGovernor of California

Question 6: The region was originally organized as the ________, consisting of all of the land in the United States north and west of the Ohio River.
Driftless AreaNorthwest TerritoryLaurentian Mixed Forest ProvinceChicago metropolitan area

Question 7: The shortest-serving governor is ________, who served two days before resigning to become a U.S.
Joseph A. WrightThomas A. HendricksHenry Smith LaneOliver Hazard Perry Morton

Question 8: [8] The current governor is ________, who took office in 2005 and was reelected in 2008 to serve until January 2013.
Ed RendellBill RichardsonHaley BarbourMitch Daniels

Question 9: [7] Since statehood in 1816, it has had 47 governors, serving 49 distinct terms; Isaac P. Gray and ________ are the only governors to have served non-consecutive terms.
Thomas R. MarshallThomas A. HendricksMatthew E. WelshHenry F. Schricker

Question 10: The longest-serving state governors are Otis R. Bowen and ________ at 8 years, 4 days; territorial governor William Henry Harrison served for over 12 years.
Sam BrownbackEvan BayhJoe LiebermanJohn McCain

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