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Question 1: She is physically impaired, shown by her atrophied limbs, as she moves around in a ________.
Walker (mobility)Assisted livingMotorized wheelchairWheelchair

Question 2: Mariko was imprisoned as an infant and raised inside a ________ container with no human contact other than a scientist acting as a makeshift foster mother through speakers and monitors.
Carbon steelSteelIronStainless steel

Question 3: In the anime, he was visiting his cousin with his family and decided to go to the mountain to draw, taking with him a music box he had recently purchased which played ________.
LiliumDaylilyFlowering plantLiliaceae

Question 4: His wife, Hiromi Kurama, died from ________ complications shortly after she gave birth to Mariko.
ObstetricsCaesarean sectionSurgeryICD-9-CM Volume 3

Question 5: He suffers from ________ brought on by the trauma of this event, caused him to end up in a psychiatric ward for over a year following the event[citation needed].
Psychogenic amnesiaAmnesiaAlzheimer's diseasePanic disorder

Question 6: Yuka (ユカ?) is Kohta's ________ around his age and moves in with him at the restaurant [7].

Question 7: Arakawa (荒川?) is a young researcher in her early 20's who is also Professor Kakuzawa's partner who works alongside him to create a ________ in order to counter the threat of the Diclonius virus.
Antihypertensive drugAntiviral drugVaccineAntibiotic

Question 8: Bandō (坂東?) is an operative in his mid-30's for the National Police Agency's ________ (SAT).
JapanNarita International AirportSpecial Assault TeamSpecial Operations Group (Japan)

Question 9: Kurama, depressed by his pathetic ability as a father, attempts to commit suicide with a nearby ________, but is saved by Bandō.
M16 rifleHeckler & Koch MP5Barrett M82M2 Browning machine gun

Question 10: They later meet at the restaurant and Nozomi is revealed to have a great talent for ________.
Vocal pedagogyHead voiceHuman voiceSinging

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