List of Doctor Who villains: Quiz

Question 1: [7] Summoned by the Master, Azal had a ________, by the name of Bok, as a servant.
ChicagoGargoyleAncient RomeParis

Question 2: He was blown apart by a UNIT ________, but reformed moments later.
M16 rifleCarl Gustav recoilless rifleM2 Browning machine gunBazooka

Question 3:
List of Doctor Who villains was part of which series?
The Champions
World Sportscar Championship
Springfield won series 4 - 1
Doctor Who

Question 4: Her appearance resembled that of a huge red ________.

Question 5: Lady Peinforte, from the Stuart era, sought to gain control of the Nemesis, a powerful Time Lord weapon, as seen in ________ (1988).
Silver NemesisThe Five DoctorsCompanion (Doctor Who)Doctor (Doctor Who)

Question 6: In Episode Two, Caw took the ________ to his homeworld, Pharos.
Doctor (Doctor Who)TARDISCompanion (Doctor Who)Doctor Who story chronology

Question 7:
What which of the following races did List of Doctor Who villains take part in?
Canadian Triple Crown
American Classic Race wins:
Jockey Club Gold Cup

Question 8: The Daleks appeared most recently in the two-part finale of the fourth series (________/Journey's End).
The Christmas InvasionDoctor (Doctor Who)The Stolen EarthCompanion (Doctor Who)

Question 9: Lilith, played by ________, leads the Carrionite witches in "The Shakespeare Code" (2007).
Jemima RooperChristina ColeDavid TennantDanny Dyer

Question 10:
The War Chief was a renegade Time Lord who assisted a group of alien warriors in the 1969 serial The War Games by Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks, which was the last to feature the ________.
Doctor (Doctor Who)Second DoctorCompanion (Doctor Who)The Five Doctors

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