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List of Doctor Who serials: Quiz


Question 1: This is to be the first series with Matt Smith as the ________, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond his companion, Steven Moffat as executive producer and head writer and Piers Wenger as executive producer.
The Stolen EarthTenth DoctorCompanion (Doctor Who)Eleventh Doctor

Question 2: Scream of the Shalka was released in novel form in the ________ series.
Virgin Missing AdventuresBrigadier Lethbridge-StewartEighth Doctor AdventuresPast Doctor Adventures

Question 3: ________.
Blink (Doctor Who)David TennantDoctor WhoOutpost Gallifrey

Question 4: ________ took over from Derrick Sherwin as script editor from The Invasion, with Sherwin resuming the role for The Space Pirates.
The War GamesSarah Jane SmithTerrance DicksThe Five Doctors

Question 5: A new series, scheduled for broadcast in 2011, was confirmed by executive producer Piers Wenger in the March 2010 edition of ________.
Doctor Who spin-offsDoctor Who MagazineCompanion (Doctor Who)Dalek

Question 6: This series introduces ________ and deals with the Face of Boe's final message, the mysterious Mr Saxon, and the Doctor dealing with the loss of Rose Tyler.
The Stolen EarthMartha JonesJack HarknessJourney's End (Doctor Who)

Question 7: The ________ was portrayed by Tom Baker, and is to date the longest-serving Doctor,[5] having held the role for seven seasons.
Companion (Doctor Who)Doctor (Doctor Who)Sarah Jane SmithFourth Doctor

Question 8: [29] ________ uses the code 8A, and numbers its subsequent Eighth Doctor stories correspondingly.
Doctor (Doctor Who)RomanaDoctor WhoBig Finish Productions

Question 9: Full Circle, ________, and Warriors' Gate trace the Doctor's adventures in E-Space; they were released as VHS and DVDs set with the umbrella title The E-Space Trilogy.
Companion (Doctor Who)State of DecayLogopolisDoctor (Doctor Who)

Question 10: Season 18 forms a loose story arc dealing with the theme of ________.
EntropyStatistical mechanicsThermodynamicsGibbs free energy

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