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Question 1: 3rd century) in 263,[426] negative numbers appear as black rods and positive numbers as red rods in the Chinese ________ system.
Counting rodsHindu–Arabic numeral systemChinese numeralsDecimal

Question 2: [169] In 1090, Qin Guan's book on textiles and sericulture written during the ________ (960–1279) described a mechanical belt drive for a silk-reeling device.
Ming DynastySong DynastyHan DynastyTang Dynasty

Question 3: ________: A significant improvement of the ancient breast harness was the horse collar.
Tang DynastyCavalryHorse collarHan Dynasty

Question 4: Maglev wind power generators: In 2006, a new type of wind power generator employing ________ (maglev) was showcased at the Wind Power Asia Exhibition in Beijing.
DiamagnetismMaglev (transport)Magnetic levitationMagnetic field

Question 5: [272][273] Dieter Kuhn states that an analysis of texts and textiles from the ________ (202 BC–220 AD) proves that the figured fabrics of that era were also crafted with the use of a drawloom.
Tang DynastyHan DynastyMing DynastySong Dynasty

Question 6: [264] The Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368) physician and Imperial Dietician ________ (fl.
Kublai KhanMing DynastyHu SihuiChina

Question 7: [463] The body of the rocket was shaped like a bird (specifically a crow), packed with gunpowder, and made of ________ laths forming a long basketwork frame that was reinforced with glued paper.

Question 8: [553] However, Li states that it was revived under a different, camouflaged name of xiangxi by ________ (r.
Emperor Wu of Northern ZhouYuwen TaiYuwen HuGao Wei

Question 9: [556][557] A magician named Shao Ong who staged a seance for ________ (r.
XinjiangHan DynastyEmperor Wu of HanHistory of the Han Dynasty

Question 10: [162] This process is the same one that later Japanese utilized to make ________, or Nihonshu 日本酒.
Alcoholic beverageSakeBrewingBeer


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