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Question 1: In Fred the Flying Fish, Cat tries to disprove a ________ about a flying fish.
Greek mythologyMyth and ritualMythologyReligion and mythology

Question 2: Cat has never gotten his diploma to attend a school reunion dance, so Catdog must go back to ________ for a day for Cat to graduate.
Secondary educationGymnasium (school)High schoolPublic school (government funded)

Question 3: In "Dog the Mighty", Dog saves Rancid Rabbit so he becomes a ________, He starts by Putting his Dog Food Bowl on his head for a Helmet.
SuperheroBatmanStan LeeJack Kirby

Question 4: NOTE: This episode only aired as a pilot in United Kingdom and ________.

Question 5: Title Parody: ________ or dog food
Cat sensesCat foodDirofilaria immitisCat health

Question 6: This turns out to be like a similar idea to "________" because CatDog invent a special vacuum that can suck up Cat's lives.
Ghostbusters (franchise)Ghostbusters IIGhostbusters (song)Ghostbusters

Question 7: Title Parody: ________ (2004 film)
The Day After Tomorrow2012 (film)10,000 BC (film)Independence Day (film)

Question 8: Title parody: ________
Sullivan's TravelsThe Great McGintyThe Lady EveHail the Conquering Hero

Question 9: Title Parody: ________
Michael BayArmageddon (1998 film)The Island (2005 film)Transformers (film)

Question 10: In CatDog Food, CatDog become mascots of new ________.
Cat foodFish food2007 pet food recallsPet food


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