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List of Buddhists: Quiz


Question 1: A monk and translator from ________, who translated important texts into Chinese and educated the Japanese Kūkai in Sanskrit texts.

Question 2: ________, feminist and daughter of Homer and Marge Simpson[26]
Bart SimpsonLisa SimpsonHomer SimpsonThe Simpsons

Question 3: Talika, (Tilopa in Tibetan), recipient of four separate transmissions from Nagarjuna, Nagpopa, ________, and Khandro Kalpa Zangmo; Naropa's teacher

Question 4: ________, one of the eighty-four tantric Mahasiddhas

Question 5: Buddhapalita, early expositor of the Prasangika ________
VajrayanaMadhyamakaTibetan BuddhismYogacara

Question 6: ________ (1924-1996)
Seung SahnHoun Jiyu-KennettTaizan MaezumiShunryu Suzuki

Question 7: ________, founder of the Madhyamika school, widely considered the most important Mahayana philosopher (with Asanga)
AtishaTibetan BuddhismNagarjunaVasubandhu

Question 8: Ryōkan (18th century Japanese ________ monk and poet)
ZenBuddhismPure Land BuddhismGuan Yin

Question 9: Bhavaviveka, early expositor of the Svatantrika ________
MadhyamakaVajrayanaTibetan BuddhismYogacara

Question 10: ________ (梁武帝) (502-549), Emperor during the Chinese Liang Dynasty
Hou JingEmperor Wu of LiangYuwen TaiEmperor Yuan of Liang

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