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Question 1: Fred Abberline (フレッド・アバーライン Fureddo Abaarain?) is a young officer of ________.
Special policePolice Community Support OfficerHome OfficeScotland Yard

Question 2: He runs Funtom Company, which manufactures toys and sweets, with the later addition of a food branch after winning a ________.
AkzoNobelScottish & NewcastleSteinway & SonsRoyal Warrant

Question 3: Ash gave her youth and attached part of her husband's skin from her neck to her ________ area.
Coracoid processClavicleScapulaBone

Question 4: Lau ( Rau?, Chinese ________: Liú) is a Chinese noble, President of the British Branch of a Chinese trading company, and friend to the Phantomhive family.
ISO/IEC 646PinyinISO/IEC 8859-3ISO/IEC 8859-8

Question 5: In the anime adaption, Sebastian can take the form of a crow or a ________.
CatLionGray WolfRaccoon

Question 6: She is voiced by ________ in the anime adaption and Chiwa Saitō on the drama CD.
AnimaxAnimax AsiaYukari TamuraSayuri Yahagi

Question 7: She is voiced by Romi Paku in the anime adaption and ________ on the drama CD.
Sharon StoneMegumi ToyoguchiMasako KatsukiBasic Instinct 2

Question 8: He is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro on the first drama CD and ________ in the anime adaption and on the second drama CD.
Maaya SakamotoEverywhere (Maaya Sakamoto album)Single Collection+ NikopachiKazeyomi

Question 9: The series takes place in England during the reign of ________.
Victoria of the United KingdomGeorge V of the United KingdomElizabeth II of the United KingdomEdward VII of the United Kingdom

Question 10: He is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa on the first drama CD and ________ in the anime adaption and on the second drama CD.
Ayako KawasumiDaisuke OnoSeiyu AwardsMinori Chihara

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