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Question 1: They are ________ and have icicle blade spikes on their backs.
Isabelline (colour)WhiteBlackGrey

Question 2: According to Bionicle author Greg Farshtey, Tren Krom was inspired by the character ________ from HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.
Cthulhu Mythos arcane literatureCthulhuThe Dunwich HorrorH. P. Lovecraft

Question 3: They are blue and have a fin on their backs similar to that of a ________.

Question 4: [3] All Water, ________ & Psionics matoran are female; all others, with the exception of Light and Shadow, are male.

Question 5: Berix - A ________ Tribe Agori who makes a living off of collecting scraps.
OxygenWaterWater resourcesEarth

Question 6: They are ________ and have curved spikes on their backs.
Orange (colour)GreenRedBlue

Question 7: [30] Voiced by ________ in BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn
Armin ShimermanJohn de Lancie1999 in film2005 in film

Question 8: The Brotherhood of Makuta was a faction led by the Makuta species, a sect of evil ________.
Magician (fantasy)Fairy taleFairyShapeshifting

Question 9: His body was destroyed by Toa Takanuva, and as Antidermis influenced the events of ________ in preparation of the final stages of the "Plan", including taking over the robotic body of a Maxilos guard robot.
Bionicle LegendsBionicle ChroniclesBionicle AdventuresBionicle: The Game

Question 10: [30] Voiced by ________.
Drawn TogetherStar Wars: Clone Wars (2003 TV series)Johnny TestJames Arnold Taylor


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